" My back hurts " how many times we have said it or heard it, often in fact we tend to confuse back pain with kidney pain .

This is very frequent precisely because the kidneys are located just below the rib cage and are in close contact with the back muscles, so first impact is immediately attributed to the malaise with problems related to the back.

To be able to recognize when the kidneys start to throw a tantrum, it is first of all good to recognize the type of pain . In fact, when the pain comes from the kidneys it can be felt in the side , in the back or in the linguine and can include only one kidney or both, it is therefore possible to feel pain only on one side.

In fact, when the pain is caused by these organs, there is a deep malaise often accompanied by other symptoms such as the constant need to urinate , vomiting and diarrhea , cloudy urine or painful urination .

In general, the signs not to be underestimated are:

  • Constant tiredness and fatigue
  • Foamy urine
  • Dry and dull skin
  • Frequent urination

Back pain , on the other hand, derives from problems related to muscles or nerves that can result from poor posture , muscle tension and can be accompanied by neck pain, dizziness or tingling. It may happen that it also spreads to the leg that is sore. Generally, back pain is reduced by changing position or by resting, avoiding lifting excessive weights and not standing for many consecutive hours.

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Kidney stones

Kidney stones are the main cause of kidney pain, particularly kidney stones are aggregates of solid substances present in the urine. These "pebbles" are very annoying and painful and in addition to causing kidney problems they cause diarrhea , vomiting and pelvic pain .

To prevent stones, a correct purification can be a very valid action, the goal in fact is to cleanse the kidneys and restore their functionality.

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