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We often hear about the importance of purification, especially of the liver , but why is it so important?

The liver is one of our most precious organs because it has multiple functions, including that of metabolizing drugs, alcohol and harmful substances, allowing the expulsion of toxins . In addition to promoting the elimination of waste, the liver is also responsible for the production of bile which in turn is essential for digestion .

The liver is precisely the organ responsible for purifying the body but a poor diet , an excess of proteins , smoking and alcohol negatively affect the well-being and liver activity. For this reason, the purification, carried out twice a year (generally in the change of seasons) allows you to "reset" and clean up the liver to allow it to fully perform its functions.

Furthermore, a correct purification favors the elimination of the stagnation of liquids and above all improves and strengthens the immune defenses .

Liver Depurative

Liver Depurative is a medicinal compound formulated to promote liver purification and function . Indicated for liver purification, to improve skin well-being, digestion and intestinal mobility.

The properties of its ingredients make it suitable for:


  • Milk thistle: plant known for its purifying properties of the body with particular support for the activity of the liver ; promotes digestive functions; possesses remarkable antioxidant properties .

  • Fumitory: thanks to its hepatobiliary properties it promotes digestion. It is also valuable for the well-being of the skin to which it hydrates, promotes oxygenation and absorption of nutrients at the cellular level. It is important to remember that the skin is an excretory organ, as it brings toxins and impurities outside the body: for this reason, supporting its functionality during a purifying cycle is essential.

  • Combreto, Italic Elicriso and Lime : are plants with the same functions that make purification more effective .

How to take it?

It is recommended to take 30 drops 2 times a day ibn water, before meals.

The Liver Depurative is the second step of the entire purification cycle, do you want to know the whole package? Read here