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The Fluid Extract or Tincture is prepared by selecting some dried or fresh parts of the plant, particularly rich in active ingredient, which are macerated in a solvent composed of ethyl alcohol and water. It is a very good product, since alcohol extracts almost all of the phytocomplex present in the starting plant. 
Like all liquid forms, it must be taken diluted in a little still water, at room temperature and, if possible, kept in the mouth for about one minute to promote absorption through the mucosa. 
Due to its naturalness, it is not possible to accurately establish the titration, i.e. the content of the active ingredient.
If you want to remove alcohol from dyes you can leave the drops in a glass, wait 20 minutes for it to evaporate, then add the water.

Depending on their characteristics, tinctures are distinguished in:

  • TINCTURE: Freshly extracted with a concentration of 1:10 or 1: 5 (on dry weight).
  • OFFICINAL DYEING: Dry extract with a concentration of 1: 5.
  • HYDROALCOLIC EXTRACT: Dry extract with a concentration of 1: 1 or 1: 3.

  • OFFICINAL COMPOUND: Blend of two or more tinctures.
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