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There are different types of burns: those caused by contact with a heat source (such as a very hot or even incandescent object), those due to excessive exposure to solar rays , or those due to electrical or chemical agents.

Especially in the summer one of the most common risks is sunburn and there are two levels of it: erythema and burn .

In people with a fair complexion, erythema is very common, which can appear even after minimal exposure to UV rays. Erythema is manifested by red and hot skin, burning sensations and often itching in the affected area.

The next degree is that of the burn, which often affects those who are exposed to the sun even if they have an erythema or those who undergo prolonged exposure or without adequate protection. Symptoms are similar to those of sunburn but more intense: reddish-purple skin, burning and pain in the affected area, sometimes fever and blisters.

In all cases where the skin is damaged due to a sunburn it is advisable to use fresh water to clean the skin and then apply a product with soothing properties , which allow the regeneration of damaged skin while alleviating the annoying symptoms of sunburn , and also antiseptic , to avoid infection of the injured area of ​​tissue.


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