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NEEM OIL FROM SEEDS, A HEALTHY FOR SKIN, PLANTS AND ANIMALS It is a pure oil that comes from the cold pressing of the seeds of the Azadirachta Indica plant, known as the Neem plant. It boasts a long cosmetic and medical tradition, with particular reference to traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Neem seed oil has a very high concentration of beneficial active ingredients, which give it an intense action, is characterized by the typical garlic smell and a greater lipid component than the oleolite extracted from the leaves of the same plant. At low temperatures it tends to solidify without losing its properties. Particularly suitable for skin with more complex problems. Packaging: 50 ml with pipette PAO: 6 months.

What it contains


INCI: Melia Azadirichta seed oil.

How to use

Apply directly to the affected area, allowing it to absorb, even several times a day.

FOR ANIMALS: Place approximately 20-30 drops on the collar based on the size of the animal.

IN THE GARDEN: dilute 5 drops of Neem Seed Oil in a liter of warm water, possibly add a flake of Marseille soap or a few drops of soap to allow the two substances to emulsify. Shake well and spray on the plants, preferably in the evening.


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    OLIO DI NEEM DA SEMI Ecosalute
    OLIO DI NEEM DA SEMI Ecosalute
    OLIO DI NEEM DA SEMI Ecosalute


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