Head lice are small parasites of small size (one to three millimeters) that live only on humans, usually on the scalp, and suck their blood.

Today, infestations are frequent both in rich and developing countries and there is no strict correlation between personal hygiene, the cleanliness of the environments and the spread of parasites . In fact, the transmission takes place by direct contact with people already infested or through the exchange of personal effects. The most affected by pediculosis are children of preschool and school age, because they have more opportunities for close contacts.

Infestation manifests itself with irritation and intense itching in the affected area.

First of all, it is essential to locate the eggs , small, white and pine nut-shaped, which are usually found attached to the hair of the nape and those around the ears . The eggs are attached to the hairline , where the temperature and humidity conditions are most conducive to hatching. A thorough inspection of the scalp is enough to discover the infestation.

To combat it, it can be useful to comb the hair with a fine -toothed comb , to physically eliminate the eggs, and to use products based on substances with antiseptic properties such as Tea Tree and Neem .


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