By blood sugar we mean the concentration of free glucose in the blood .

Glucose is the most important simple sugar for the body, as it is the main energy source that allows each cell to function and do its job. Thanks to the action of a hormone produced by the pancreas, insulin , it can enter cells from the blood and allow them to perform a wide variety of functions. It therefore turns out to be an essential nutrient, especially for organs such as the brain, which cannot use other energy sources.

It is important to keep blood sugar at a constant level; Too low blood glucose values ​​can have negative results in the brain, leading to a feeling of tiredness and mental weakness , while too high values ​​can lead to dysfunctions in other organs.

It is possible to keep blood sugar under control through the diet, introducing a correct and not excessive intake of carbohydrates, preferring those with a low glycemic index or wholemeal. In addition, some natural products that promote the use of glucose by the cells can be useful for this purpose.