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Brown algae are usually referred to by the generic name " Kelp ". In the new capsule formulation of Kelp, we have chosen to use in particular two species Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosus . In fact, both are brown algae very rich in iodine which contribute to maintaining the balance of body weight. Furthermore, Fucus has an emollient and soothing action on the digestive system.

CAPSULES: 60 cps of 600 mg

Take 2 capsules a day with water.

Contribution of:

For 2 tablets

Ascophyllum nodosum

500 mg

Fucus vesiculosus

500 mg

Kelp seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum (L.) Le Jolis, thallus) powder, Fucus (Fucus vesiculosus L., thallus) powder. Coating agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.


Algae are particularly rich in polysaccharides and cellulose in the form of non-digestible fibers. This allows them to carry out a prebiotic action, i.e. they are able to selectively stimulate the development of the intestinal bacterial flora, improving the well-being of the intestine.

In addition, seaweeds act as accelerators of the body's energy metabolism as they represent an exceptional source of iodine. In fact, they contain a much higher quantity than that found in plant foods.

Fucus (Fucus vesiculosus) and Ascophyllum nodosum are two algae very rich in iodine. Fucus is a brown alga also known by the name of "sea oak" due to its characteristic shape. In addition to containing iodine, this alga also has good quantities of: potassium; beta-carotene; bromine; mucilage; mannitol.

Ascophyllum nodosum , is also a brown alga. It is called nodosum as the alga has long fronds provided with empty vesicles distributed at regular intervals. It also contains many interesting bioactive molecules. In particular, the presence of alginates, along with chlorophylls, carotenoids, fucoxanthines and other antioxidant molecules, makes Ascophyllum nodosum a good candidate for promoting the elimination of toxins and protecting cells from the toxic effects of heavy metals and chemical additives.


Keep out of the reach of children. Do not administer under 3 years of age. Do not exceed recommended daily doses. The product must be used as part of an adequate low-calorie diet following a healthy lifestyle with a good level of physical activity. If the diet is followed for prolonged periods of more than three weeks, it is advisable to seek medical advice.

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