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Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder, and sometimes of the urethra , which can be infectious or non-infectious.

In the first case it is usually due to the colonization of the genitourinary tract by bacteria that are normally found in the faeces, such as Escherichia coli or Enterococcus f ecalis . In the case of non-infectious cystitis, the causes can be the most varied, including hormonal alterations (for example menopause), dehydration , too aggressive hygiene products or diabetes.

Typical manifestations are suprapubic pain, a sense of perineal weight, increased urge to urinate and in some cases haematuria .

Fine products can be useful both to rebalance the intestinal flora (such as Inulin or Prebiotics ) in the case of a bacterial cystitis , and products that have a more targeted action, limited to the functionality of the urinary tract .

Proper hygiene is also essential, the Intimate Cleanser is ideal in case of cystitis thanks to the antibacterial properties of the silver inside.

The active principle present in Uva Ursina is called arbutin and determines its urinary antiseptic properties. Hydroquinone is responsible for the antibacterial properties, moreover, the high content of tannins facilitates the expulsion of small stones.

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