Everyone has certainly had at least once complaining of heat, swelling and / or burning mixed with mild pain in one part of the body: these are the classic manifestations of an inflammatory process, a protective action that the body implements against trauma, viral, bacterial or irritant attacks.

The defensive response that the damaged tissue puts in place to protect itself has the purpose of regenerating , through repair processes, the affected part.

The duration of this defense mechanism , and its manifestations, is generally limited to a few days in milder cases. However, there is also an inflammatory process of low intensity but constant over time: in this case the typical mechanisms of the inflammatory process remain active for much longer, with a consequent weakening of the immune system .


The list of symptoms includes vasodilation and increased permeability of the vessels, which cause a transfer of fluids from these to the injured tissue ( edema ) and redness due to increased blood in the affected area, swelling , increased temperature , decreased function of the 'affected area (especially if it is a joint) due to pain and swelling.

However, it is not always mandatory, except when advised by the doctor, to take anti-inflammatory drugs; on the contrary, more and more often there is a tendency to abuse these substances without consulting with an expert (especially in self-management) and then end up complaining about various ailments and side effects.


If the effects of inflammation become excessively intense, it is possible to resort to natural solutions, vitamins, minerals , herbs and medicinal plants mainly, able to intervene on the mechanisms and causes that cause inflammation of the tissues, be these bone tissues, blood vessels or tissues epidermal.

These substances are particularly rich in antioxidants , which exert a beneficial action especially at the level of cells and blood vessels.

They are perhaps slower in expressing their benefit, but certainly their effects are lasting, and above all they can be taken for long periods without particular contraindications.


1. Among the best known plants with anti-inflammatory properties there is certainly turmeric , which thanks to its active ingredient curcumin has an antioxidant action and supports joint function in particular.

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2. Ascorbic acid is also well known for its antioxidant power; the powdered form of vitamin C is useful for supporting the body in many of its functions, from the production of collagen to the absorption of minerals such as iron, but its most important action concerns the modulation of the immune system.

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3. Last, but not least, is vitamin D : in fact, cholecalciferol, in addition to effectively supporting the regulation of the immune system, especially during inflammatory processes, is also essential for the well-being of bones and teeth as it stimulates absorption of calcium and phosphorus and their deposition in the skeleton.

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