The kidneys , whose job is to filter the blood to purify it of harmful and waste substances, are very delicate organs that also perform various other functions. Therefore, it is good to carry out a " cleaning " aimed at gently dissolving the calcium deposits and other elements that can accumulate inside the renal parenchyma, but which at the same time also exerts a protective action.

Some plants are more effective than others.

The most suitable can be found in the prodigious vegetable combination present in the Potentiated Kidney Depurative : it is a phytotherapeutic compound that promotes the drainage of body fluids and the well-being of the entire urinary system.

What are the plant extracts present?

The Goldenrod : known for its diuretic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It is particularly indicated for inflammations of the lower urinary tract such as cystitis and urethritis. It is a typical ingredient of natural supplements with a draining action, intended for the treatment of water retention and cellulite blemishes.

Burdock : plant with an important purifying and diuretic effect that stimulates renal function and the expulsion of excess fluids.

Uva Ursi : a component present in its leaves, arbutin, is able to perform an effective disinfectant and antibacterial action, useful for fighting urinary tract infections.

Birch and Poplar : boast a high content of flavonoids and potassium salts which give them prodigious diuretic properties, used for the treatment of water retention and kidney stones; the increase in the potassium / sodium ratio in fact stimulates urinary elimination in the body, while vitamin C and betulinic acid prevent the formation of stones due to deposits of calcium salts.

Pilosella : useful plant for counteracting the effects of water retention and cellulite, as well as keeping the kidneys healthy and promoting washing of the urinary tract.

The Cherry : the peduncles of the fruits were already used as diuretics in popular medicine thanks to their draining action; they also have the property of mobilizing fat deposits, avoiding their excessive accumulation in the dermis.

Beech : beech buds are an excellent adjuvant in the prevention of gravel and inflammation, as well as water retention, nephritis and stones.

La Parietaria : herb traditionally used to treat kidney and bladder disorders, especially cystitis .

Juniper : its berries possess antibacterial, antiviral, diuretic and antiseptic properties that make them extremely useful for improving health conditions associated with the urinary tract.

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