The first returns from vacation begin and this is how, after a few days, the beneficial effect of rest vanishes, leaving room for daily tasks.

We have decided to devote an in-depth study to this apparently light topic, which instead is fundamental for the maintenance of our health.

Here are our tips to prolong the holiday effect:

  1. Put a few tasks on your agenda: it is important not to throw yourself back into work and domestic commitments, in fact the impact with routine and duties puts the nervous system in crisis , sometimes generating headaches, poor concentration and asthenia. In some cases, already in the last days of vacation, the thought of returning is enough to trigger this malaise.

So try to plan your commitments with a gradual departure , if you cannot postpone "obligatory" commitments, rather give up some pleasure outings and thin out your agenda!

  1. Make an appointment with relaxation: choose a time during the day in which to dedicate yourself to a pleasant and relaxing activity, even half an hour can be enough to bring serenity and calm. You can read a book, take a walk, draw, listen to music, watch television, sit on the sofa doing nothing, see a friend, play with your children. The important thing is to dedicate this space to relaxation. It may be useful to plan your half hour of relaxation, respect the appointment and do not postpone it .

  1. Turn off your cell phone: during your half hour of relaxation turn off your mobile! It is possible to do this even though apparently it might seem the other way around.

  1. Spend time outdoors: if you have spent some time in contact with nature during your holidays, try to keep this good habit, especially valuable for those who work indoors. The rays and sunlight are essential for our well-being!

  1. Take care of nutrition and rest: try, starting from the last days of vacation, to take care of the diet without exceeding in binges, but on the contrary by choosing light foods and eating at regular times. Good habits must also be resumed with regard to sleep-wake rhythms!


As nature always supports you, there are some varieties of herbs that are invaluable in helping the body and mind to sustain change without difficulty.

RHODIOLA ROSEA: this small flower grows at high altitudes for this reason it has developed the ability to adapt even to environmental situations with harsh climatic conditions. Rhodiola has adaptogenic properties, it helps the body to react to both physical and mental stressful situations, it will help you resume the usual rhythms of life by counteracting stress and giving you mental clarity and concentration.

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ANTISTRESS COMPLEX: have you already returned from vacation or were you unable to leave this year? This medicinal compound is a valid and quick remedy, which will help you overcome moments of stress and fatigue.

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MAGNESIUM : the mineral ally of your well-being, promotes relaxation and at the same time gives energy. It will help you to arrive without fatigue even at the end of the longest days.

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