Together with our daily commitments, they also resume those of our children, living school peacefully is important, so we have collected some tips to help parents and children in this exciting phase of their life:

  1. INSURANCES ARE IMPORTANT: listening to the fears, worries, or even just the curiosities of children can be a valid help to help them to face serenely all the news they are going to meet, aware of having the support and understanding of the parents they feel capable of facing all the difficult situations for them.

  1. LEARNING IS BEAUTIFUL: school is a great opportunity to discover and learn new things and it is also the place to make new friends. For them it will be an exciting time, where there will be teachers who will help them, new friends to meet in the afternoon to do their homework together and the daily discovery of new notions that will enrich them culturally.

  1. A GOOD FOOD HELPS YOU FOCUS: breakfast and a snack are essential to give the little ones the right concentration. Let's teach them from an early age to eat healthily, so we favor fruit, homemade cakes, sandwiches with jam, and in any case everything that gives energy without weighing it down, so that concentration is favored and drowsiness from digestion does not develop. which would lower the attention span during lessons.


  1. BAD GRADES? NO PROBLEM, DEFEATS ARE PRECIOUS : every moment of difficulty can be taken as a great life lesson, learning to get up after a school "slip" serves to strengthen the character of the child who learns to deal with the first defeats and begins to manage the little stress to which it is subjected.


This plant can be useful in helping children to overcome the anxiety generated by a new experience such as school, from first class homework and all those things that can destabilize and worry.

It is a bud extract extracted from Tilia Tomentosa, more commonly called Linden, with a sedative, antispasmodic and anxiolytic action.

  • Promotes sleep;
  • Attenuates hypermotivity;
  • Improve your night's rest.
  • Helps the irritable bowel (especially from emotional causes)

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