PELLE PIÙ GIOVANE: le azioni quotidiane Ecosalute

YOUNGER SKIN: daily actions

Healthy , homogeneous and elastic skin is the result of a conscious choice of the right active ingredients .

Time passes very quickly and often we don't even notice it: the skin, like all the cells of the body, follows normal and physiological skin aging .

Although physiological, there are some elements that accelerate its progress such as: exposure to sunlight , stress , bad eating habits and/or overly aggressive cosmetics .

When do wrinkles form?

The skin thins and loses its elasticity when cell proliferation decreases. Cell turnover thus decreases, i.e. the replacement of cells and oxidative processes increase, and this is precisely how the appearance of wrinkles , skin wilting , loss of elasticity and the formation of stretch marks begins.

The capillaries become fragile over time, this is because the blood vessels become more permeable resulting in the formation of rosacea and redness.

How to choose the right products:

A well-formulated anti-aging product must have everything essential to prevent and counteract the signs of aging , working to act on the inflammation that causes wrinkles without neglecting hydration and nourishment .

Let's start from the basics: cleansing is the first and essential step.

It is essential to choose one that respects the hydrolipidic film but which still acts as a cleanser and cleans the skin from residues of make-up , smog , dust and excess sebum .

(Remember to use cleanser in the morning and at night, even if you don't wear makeup!)


The use of serum becomes essential for mature skin. The serums contain concentrates of specific active ingredients : we recommend those enriched with Hyaluronic Acid for deep and effective hydration and those with antioxidant components such as pomegranate or Vitamin C.

The latest innovation in the cosmetics field is red algae :

" Several studies have shown that it helps compensate for oxidative damage triggered by exposure to UVB light. Furthermore, it is a source of carrageenan, a fundamental compound for the skin barrier.

A study conducted on subjects aged between 30 and 66 years with marked bags under the eyes, demonstrated how the action of Red Algae , associated with a correct massage of the area, reduces swelling . "

Learn more here

Face cream

The face cream completes the beauty routine, there are different ones on the market, they may all seem the same but they are not at all.

It is essential to choose antioxidant active ingredients such as pomegranate or emblica without neglecting the nourishing and hydrating components, especially for mature skin and dry skin. Among the best ingredients that perform a targeted action are: hyaluronic acid, almond oil or shea butter.

Don't know where to start?

We recommend the Moisturizing Face Cream based on Pomegranate and Emblica if you have young and impure-prone skin while the Anti-Aging Face Cream if you have mature or dry skin.

For a 360° and repairing action you can opt for a day and night treatment always using natural ingredients and choosing the night cream capable of providing greater nourishment during the night when cell turnover occurs: try the Hydra H24 Package !


Supplements are excellent allies for protecting the skin from the inside , especially against UV rays . We recommend starting Plurimo Sun Becarotene in this period. In fact, the integration of antioxidants and minerals protects the skin , also improves the tan and keeps it homogeneous and golden for a long time .