Vanessa Parducci , naturopath specializing in Chinese medicine and holistic medicine for dogs talks about the numerous benefits of Neem oil .

Neem , the sacred tree of India, is the oldest insecticide in the world and has belonged to the Ayurvedic tradition for millennia.

The precious oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds or leaves of the Neem plant whose scientific name is Azadirachta Indica , a tree that can reach over thirty meters in height and which in India is called " village pharmacy " precisely because of its numerous pharmaceutical uses .

The Neem plant has very ancient origins, it is assumed that its appearance dates back to around 50 million years ago, and today it finds fertile ground to grow in countries such as India, Africa, Central America, Burma and the Philippines.

Properties of Neem

Neem oil is a very useful and effective natural pesticide for our 4-legged friends , it acts both as a larvicide and as a repellent , especially to protect against mosquitoes responsible for Canine Lesmaniasis , but also against fleas and to keep ticks away .

Mixed with water in a 1:1000 ratio it can be sprayed on animals, people and plants , remembering that it must always be applied in the absence of light because it is photosensitizing.

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Very useful for stopping the development of mosquito larvae , pour a few drops into the stagnant water of the saucers.

In addition to being a repellent, Neem has proven effective on stings and bites of parasitic insects, bites and scratches of other animals, as it also has an antiseptic and healing action .

Treatment with Neem is useful for disinfestation from parasites, extensive burns, infected wounds and for stimulating tissue reconstruction , but not only very effective also in case of mycosis because it blocks the proliferation of pathogenic fungi.

Summarizing the properties of this extraordinary plant, we can say that it has actions: antiviral , antiseptic , antimicrobial , antibiotic , antiseborrheic , antifungal , healing , vermifuge , immunostimulant and antioxidant .

Which one to choose?

The traditional pesticide products currently on the market could pose some risk to the health of our animals in terms of sensitization reactions, allergies or toxicity , for this reason the use of those formulated with natural substances which actually reduce the risk is becoming increasingly popular. . The use of Neem oil is even more valid due to the fact that parasites, over time, often develop resistance to synthetic insecticides used in industrial products.

However, you need to pay close attention to the INCI of the product you want to purchase, some companies often add chemical repellents to Neem oil which can cause discomfort to the skin of our animal friends, which is why I always recommend the Neem oil by Ecosalute , with a pure formulation and easy application .

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Neem and Garlic

If we want to obtain an optimal result in fighting annoying parasites , we can combine the topical action of Neem oil with the administration of garlic in our dog's food, paying attention to the doses , garlic could become toxic if more than 5 grams for every kilo of body weight. In general, a single clove of garlic weighs between 2 and 3 grams , so an average-sized dog would need to ingest at least 5 cloves daily to suffer any damage.

In addition to purifying the blood, garlic acts as a digestive tonic and helps the body keep clean , strengthens the immune system and prevents the presence of future parasites .

It is recommended to do this for at least a week and, later, even if you are not aware of the presence of parasites , repeat the process. It is advisable to do this at least once or twice a year , to ensure that our animal is free from parasites.

The dose must be a maximum of two cloves per day , this is for a medium-sized animal, but if it is larger, the dose can increase, while if it is smaller, it can decrease.

However, this is a home remedy that may not be ideal for all dogs or effective with all parasites . For this reason, do not forget to seek advice from an experienced professional.

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