Vanessa Parducci , naturopath specializing in holistic medicine, talks about psoriasis.

The skin is a barrier and is part of our ability to protect ourselves, it is the largest excretory organ in our body, capable of breathing. It envelops and contains our entire body and therefore we can define it as the border between the internal world and the external world . It defends us from external aggressions but it is also the container of every organ and therefore, psychosomatically speaking, of every emotion or internal conflict. Furthermore, it cannot be controlled by our will and for this reason it reveals our emotional stimuli to the world around us. The skin is the organ that more than any other reveals to society who we really are.

Psoriasis , a chronic inflammatory skin disease, was originally considered a curse of the gods and Hippocrates in the 5th century BC. C. was the first to use the term “psora” to describe a condition identifiable as psoriasis. It was, however, recognized as a well-defined clinical entity only towards the end of the 18th century by the English dermatologist Robert Willan who first coined its name.

It is an extremely common skin disease characterized by the presence of scaling lesions on the skin and scalp . In more severe cases it is associated with a severe form of arthritis. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, psoriasis is known as “ white fir skin dermatitis ” which gives an idea of ​​the appearance of skin lesions.

Living means comparing ourselves: comparing our inside ( Yang Ming ) with our outside ( Tai Yang ), then making a synthesis ( Shao Yang ). The conflict between Tai Yang and Yang Ming acts on the psoriatic plaque . A real conflict between desire and duty, between isolating oneself and expanding oneself. Not feeling understood is a blockage of the liver Qi, not feeling loved is a slowdown of the Shen (heart).

The skin is dialectically linked to the blood . It is understood as a superficialization of the Biao, the ultimate collector of all blood pathologies that have external repercussions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, psoriasis is mainly divided into two main forms:

  • Psoriasis due to fullness of blood, caused by wind - humidity - heat, therefore of the Yang type. The affected area appears pink in color and covered by heavy flaking . Other signs may be: thirst, agitation, tense and rapid pulse, red tongue covered with yellowish coating, itching.
  • Blood void psoriasis , Yin type. In this case the perverse energy (wind-dryness) penetrates the skin tissue and the affected areas appear pale in color with little desquamation, pale coated tongue and slightly rapid pulse, mild or absent itching. The first, of the Yang type, is the psoriasis of anxious subjects or in any case very sensitive to the Seven Feelings .

Psoriasis is more frequent in obsessive subjects (water lodge, kidneys), in truly anxious subjects (fire lodge, heart), and in bilious subjects (wood lodge, liver). For an adequate diagnosis it is essential to question the person, observe the appearance of the skin lesions (color, shape, presence of itching or pain), take the wrists and examine the tongue.

Both a general rebalancing of the individual patient and a treatment aimed at the form of psoriasis are essential.

What actions should be taken?

You can first of all act on your lifestyle and eating style , limiting the use of sugars and carbohydrates in favor of healthy fats, working on the meridian points that help reharmonize the lodges involved in the event such as. lung, spleen, gall bladder, liver and heart, combine these treatments with the use of phytotherapeutics or supplements that help restore the skin's pH and contain the inflammatory state.

Meditation and correct breathing are also of great help, the lung is in fact the Master of Qi, the breath of life, strengthening and toning it will restore benefits at the skin level.

Topical applications based on soothing ointments or creams such as calendula and mallow can also be used in synergy .

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