OLI ESSENZIALI: nuove esperienze da regalare Ecosalute

ESSENTIAL OILS: new experiences to give as gifts

My grandmother always said that a fragrant house is a happy house.

As a good Emilian I would like to make a Lasagna flavored essential oil but unfortunately it is a bit difficult, however, there are valid alternatives that help the body and mind and which above all do not increase hunger like my dream essential oil would.

Giving a perfume as a gift is a gesture of love , because an oil is much more than a simple perfume.

Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils for the well-being of mind and body, each one acts on a different sphere and has multiple benefits : find out more here .

Give the gift of memories

This year you can choose the essential oils that will perfume the home of your friend, sister, brother or whoever you want. We will take care of creating a small box that will contain all the explosion of perfume that only essential oils can provide.

Together with the box you will find a small plate where you can insert a few drops of oil to perfume the wardrobes too.

As mentioned in Martina Stellittano 's article (which I'll leave here if you missed it) perfumes are able to evoke memories and trigger new emotions as well as reliving them.

Some advice:

- Sweet Orange: also called smile oil. Sweet orange essential oil is a relaxant that gives calm by warming the heart and mind, promotes creativity and is excellent for awakening affection.

- Cinnamon: a warm and spicy, dry and sweet scent. it is a slightly aphrodisiac tonic useful for fearful people, it purifies energies and facilitates openness to communication.

- Lavender: light and sweet essence, an excellent relaxant, anxiolytic helps to calm the intensity of emotions and in case of emotional instability it is an excellent sedative.

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