During the winter even the legs seem to go into hibernation : between long trousers and mid-calf cotton socks, they often don't pay the right amount of attention .

The skin thus begins to dry and itch , and seems incredibly more sensitive.

I know you struggle to find a truly nourishing cream , this is because "commercial" creams often have excipients and ingredients that form a surface layer protecting it temporarily but do not penetrate deeply. And so, the day after application you feel like you haven't applied anything.

Therefore it is good to prefer active ingredients that are delicate but chosen for their properties demonstrated on the skin, which know how to cradle the skin and pamper it as well as nourish and protect it .

Which ingredients should not be missing from your Beauty Routine?

Here are 5 ingredients that can be valid allies for your legs:

  • Avocado: very rich in fatty acids and nutrients. Used in cosmetics for its regenerating and antioxidant properties capable of improving the appearance of the skin and delaying skin aging , it also has a tissue repair function thanks to its emollient action.
  • Aloe Barbadensis: aloe has been recognized and used since ancient times for its extremely emollient and soothing properties. It gives immediate relief to dry skin, nourishing it deeply while keeping its pH unchanged.
  • Hyaluronic acid: hyaluronic acid is an active ingredient capable of penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. It gives a brighter and plumper appearance, as well as being extremely nourishing.
  • Centella: supports the microcirculation by reducing swelling and heaviness in the legs. Its refreshing and energizing action gives immediate relief.
  • Almond oil : almond and walnut oil are real cure-alls for the legs. Extremely hydrating, they soften the skin, pampering it and perfuming it.

Body cream

All the active ingredients, precious for the skin, are contained within the moisturizing body cream. Based on Avocado , Hyaluronic Acid and Sweet Almond Oil it allows deep hydration with a soothing and refreshing effect.

Ideal for dry skin , it protects and nourishes the skin , without making it oily.

Apply after the shower or before going to bed, liberally on the driest areas.

Body Scrub

Once a week treat yourself to an invigorating scrub . Exfoliation is essential to remove dead cells and allows cell renewal. Embellished with Blackcurrant extract with a strong antioxidant action, capable of reducing the formation of free radicals.

Make your Christmas gift unique!

Create your Beauty Box with the Body Cream and the Avocado Body Scrub