I don't know you but I'm sure you too experienced this as a child...

…Sunday morning, lunch time, grandmother's house, table set, food in abundance, an inebriating, unmistakable scent of freshly baked cake in the air.

Who knows, perhaps you still perceive it, perhaps the memory has brought you back to those moments, with a bit of nostalgia, and yet even though years have passed, so many things have changed, if you were to smell that perfume you would have a clear memory: this is the power of 'aromatherapy !

I introduce myself

Do not you believe it? Afterwards I'll explain why but first I'll introduce myself, I'm Martina Stellittano , naturopathic herbalist and founder of essential remedy , a 360° wellness programme. I deal with dissemination, training and support people to listen to their body and its signals through a healthier lifestyle , consciously integrating 100% natural remedies or strategies , tried first of all on my skin.

Why is aromatherapy powerful and what do memories have to do with it?

Essential oils are able to stimulate emotions and recall memories , just like perfumes, because the nose is closely related, thanks to nerves, to the brain, in particular to an area "the limbic system", which has as its main task to form and store our memories !

Furthermore, they are real messengers , let me explain better: technically it is said that they are "very volatile" substances, which means that they evaporate very quickly, dispersing in the air.

So, think of it like this: when you put 2-3 drops inside your beautiful diffuser and turn it on, after a few minutes the essential oil will be released and begin its journey , spreading the message it contains into the environment around you!

Christmas is approaching, so today I want to reveal the messages of two fragrances that are certainly the protagonists of this period:

  • Cinnamon , the essence of vitality, creativity and inspiration. Purifies, warms and sweeps away all distractions and worries .
  • Sweet Orange , the natural antidepressant par excellence, a concentrate of optimism and good humor . It gives calm to those who are anxious , increases energy and the desire to do!

I hope I have made you curious, even a little, about this wonderful natural world,

see you at the next appointment...always on the road to well-being!

A hug,


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