Sleep is necessary to maintain good health.

It is used to recover all the energy consumed during the day and according to studies conducted in recent years it has been estimated that the amount of hours of sleep varies according to age.

For adults, the recommended dose of hours is 7-9 hours, time required for cell regeneration: the famous phrase "Beauty sleep" depends on this. The cell regeneration that occurs during the night allows the skin to be brighter and fresher.


  • Season and timetable changes . The external environment greatly influences our circadian rhythm, asking our body for more or less hours of sleep.
  • Health problems . During sleep, the immune defenses are raised, as cytokines are released, elements necessary to strengthen the immune system and protect us from infections. They are released above all in relation to deep sleep which is true restful sleep.
  • Hormonal changes such as menstruation in women. Many women feel more need to sleep more before menstruation and need to sleep fewer hours after their period, adjusting their bedtime accordingly. This is likely due to fluctuations in hormones such as progesterone, luteinizing hormone, and prolactin.
  • Stress . Chronic stress produces an alteration of the processes of falling asleep and compromising the quality of sleep.


There are various remedies and substances that bring greater adaptability and help rebalance sleep disorders:

  • Rhodiola . Rhodiola is an adaptogenic plant that performs an anti-fatigue function. It allows the production of serotonin to balance sleep disorders.
  • Linden is a plant rich in active ingredients and with many benefits. It has sedative properties and is useful in case of anxiety.
  • Lavender essential oil is famous for its sedative action. Calm the headache and relax. Also widely used for sleep disorders in children because it has a direct action on the central nervous system. .
  • Magnesium is the king of the anti-insomnia minerals. it allows to regulate the circadian rhythm and influences the production of melatonin.