Sometimes bedtime is really complicated for mothers. Not all babies fall asleep right away and at the same time every day.

Very often it becomes a real challenge to get your children to sleep.

To the lucky ones this will seem like a joke!

But are there any tricks to make babies fall asleep?

We must consider that there are those who have a greater aptitude for sleep, those who fall asleep easily and those who are more nervous. Just like adults.


It is important, even if it does not always help right away, to apply rituals and tricks to which newborns usually react well:

  • put soft lights after dinner
  • avoid loud noises and noises or excite them with too imaginative stories or with too cheerful songs that would risk making him even more energetic.

Better to follow a fixed pattern : baby bath, baby food, lullaby and cradle.

The routine helps the little ones to find balance even in sleep. When they get older we can add other habits, such as the 'greeting of toys', to let them know that the time has come to rest and make them feel great. Or the good night message to grandparents, especially if they are far away.

These rituals will help him understand that it's time to go to bed!

The classic storybook may please many but not everyone ...

With the advent of mobile phones and technology also within reach of children, there are those who love more to listen to a quiet song , do a relaxing puzzle or take pictures in the room, creating fun plays of light and shadows, and then collapsing into a good deep sleep. Or put all your favorite dolls to sleep in their cradle or in their dedicated space in the bedroom. It will help the child to take responsibility.


What matters, despite the subjective difficulties, is to create a ritual at least from Monday to Friday, days in which one goes to kindergarten and school, so that the child feels protected in his world.

At the weekend you can make an exception to the rule, have dinner later, indulge in evening games etc ...

Anarchy as well as rigidity lead to nothing.

Furthermore, there is no fixed rule for everyone: there are those who immediately learn to sleep alone and in their own bedroom, there are those who seek maternal contact up to 4/5 years and have no intention of sleeping alone. There are different children and different situations.

Slowly when you are ready, without too much forcing, the child will understand that his place is in his room. Baby's sleep rhythms are truly personal and emotional, no one is alike.

So dear mothers, have patience and sometimes a lot of imagination!