Moisturize, nourish, tone . Many ignore it, but a person's skin can have different needs depending on the time of day, the aggressive agents to which it is subjected, the temperature and age. When dealing with particularly dry, sensitive and hyper reactive skin, it is often difficult to understand which need to satisfy first.

A cream for the days when it is particularly dehydrated, another for the moments when you want to make it more compact and smooth, perhaps in view of some special occasion ... in short, it is difficult to find a product that contains in a single solution everything you need !

Thanks to the imminent arrival of Valentine's Day, the race for cover has begun to take care of your body in the best possible way also from an aesthetic point of view: and those who do not dream of a cream that is also a real cuddle , able to make the soft and velvety skin but at the same time toned ?


Try the Avocado Oil Anti-Fatigue Cream!

It is a cream with an emollient action particularly useful in case of dry skin, based on avocado oil, enriched with gotu kola and Rusco extracts, which improve microcirculation and give the skin a healthier and more compact appearance .


Contains avocado and almond oil , to moisturize and nourish the skin while reactivating circulation and promoting fluid drainage.

Butcher's broom extract and gotu kola give the product astringent and refreshing properties and improve capillary circulation by acting against the unpleasant sensation of swollen legs .

It can also be useful when the intense heat of summer makes itself felt. Or after practicing physical activity.

Try the Anti-Fatigue Cream with Avocado Oil !

And to make the application even more effective, first try the DIY body scrub with Himalyan Salt : just mix 3 or 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil (almond, grape seed or avocado) and exfoliate the moistened skin to remove all the dead skin cells and prepare the skin to absorb all the active ingredients of the cream.