Less than a week to go to Valentine's Day . The famous party of lovers, which every February involves gifts, dinners for couples and romantic weekends by the lake, this year will be lived in a completely revisited key, but this does not mean that you have to lose heart.

Even if it is not recommended to go to closed and crowded places such as shops and shopping centers, it does not mean that it is not possible to exchange at least a little thought: in the days before February 14th therefore, instead of hunting for the perfect gift it is possible for example to create one with your own hands, perhaps customizing it with details that will make it even more meaningful.

And what about the location ? Between unreachable hotels and restaurants and closed wellness centers, it can be difficult to think of a feasible but above all new solution that will surprise your better half .

However, this problem can be easily remedied with a little initiative and the right accessories.

You do not need to go to luxury suites, spas and resorts to enjoy a comfortable environment and a magical and relaxing atmosphere: it is possible to recreate a location characterized by an atmosphere worthy of Valentine's Day even at home .

Inviting your partner to your home and preparing a dinner (organized well in advance) based on well-known aphrodisiac foods, to be enjoyed together by candlelight, are the main and essential points from which to start to organize a romantic evening with all the trimmings.

Have you spent the last few days cleaning, drafted a 4-course menu with all the dishes your partner loves, chose the music and, driven by an instinctive and sweetish impulse, have you sprinkled every available surface with flower petals and candles? What else is missing?

The atmosphere!

To give even the most common home environment a refined and elegant touch , which also influences and stimulates the olfactory and psychic sphere, there is nothing better than perfumes and essences .

Aromatherapy is in fact one of the most effective methods because through the air, the odorous molecules reach the nervous system directly.

Essential oils combine a marked olfactory note , of totally natural origin , with various beneficial properties on the mind and body .

Lavender essential oil gives the environment a note of harmony and relaxation, promotes relaxation and removes tension and agitation.

Lemon essential oil, on the other hand, is useful in the kitchen, during preparations and after meals, to refresh the room by eliminating unpleasant odors and spreading a pleasant citrus aroma, as well as sweet orange essential oil which, in addition to boasting a perfume that refers to the sun, heat and summer also has an energizing and invigorating effect. Perfect for stimulating the production of endorphins and bringing a good mood.

The essential oil of eucalyptus and the essential oil of Tea Tree prove to be excellent purifying the air by giving it a balsamic aroma which, in addition to a beneficial effect on the upper airways, has a refreshing and lightening effect.

Lemongrass essential oil, on the other hand, has stimulating properties on the nervous system: it generates a state of calm, relaxation and optimism, removing negative thoughts that predispose to depression and sadness.

The essential oil extracted from cinnamon instead stimulates creativity and inspiration, warms the heart and gives an enveloping sensation of comfort, helping in cases of coldness and fear.

What are you waiting for?