Glucomannano: braccio destro della dieta Ecosalute

Glucomannan: right arm of the diet

The summer is coming and I know that you still have feelings of guilt for that slice of chocolate covered panettone that you ate at Christmas, time passes so quickly that you find yourself unprepared for the costume fitting .

Don't worry, the last word has not yet been said!

Surely for a perfect line (what is perfection?) It takes perseverance and determination , but there are some small precautions that can really make a difference, such as Glucomannan .

Glucomannan is a gem for those who want to lose weight or for those suffering from nervous hunger , it often happens that when you find yourself in situations of stress , anxiety or sadness , the first outlet for many is food.

This feeling of loss of control can be controlled and managed, so as not to be overwhelmed by guilt !

How does it work?

Glucomannan has a fundamental peculiarity: it absorbs water , especially in the presence of an acidic environment such as that of the stomach. By absorbing water it becomes voluminous like a gel, the multiplication of its volume causes an immediate feeling of satiety which facilitates the control of hunger and body weight .

Glucomannan is also useful in cases of hypercholesterolemia, as it acts on the metabolism of triglycerides and cholesterol , as well as on the metabolism of carbohydrates .

Furthermore, being a prebiotic it favors the balance of the intestinal flora by stimulating intestinal transit.

How to take it correctly?

To benefit from the properties of Glucomannan , it is recommended to take 2 capsules before breakfast, 2 before lunch and 2 before dinner. It is essential to drink plenty of water while taking it, a low intake could have an opposite effect, causing constipation .

Find your balance with Glucomannan

For a synergistic action and to get rid of excess fluids , Glucomannan can be associated with Bromelain , useful for supporting digestive function, the drainage of body fluids, the functionality of the microcirculation and to counteract the effects of cellulite .

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