Come gestire la fame nervosa? Ecosalute

How to manage nervous hunger?

We do not always eat to satiate hunger , it will also have happened to you to go home after a stressful day and download this emotional state on the first food in front of you, especially if it is rich in sugar and fat.

The emotional states that trigger nervous hunger are different including: anger , depression , stress , loneliness or boredom . We talk about emotional hunger when, despite not being hungry, you raid everything in front of you, simply to fill the void or negative emotions.

After having ingested immeasurable quantities of food here comes the feelings of guilt, frustration and dissatisfaction with one's body, as well as physical problems related to weight gain.

If you find yourself frequently in this situation, we recommend that you rely on a figure (eg psychologist or nutritionist ) who can help you on your path, in addition to better control and manage nervous hunger you can integrate Glucomannan , which will calm your sense of hunger .

To combat stress, try: Antistress complex!

How to manage nervous hunger?

To keep stress hunger at bay it is essential to consume 5 meals a day , abundant with fruit and vegetables , in fact the fiber inside them will slow down the arrival of physical hunger , making you already feel full. Remember to chew slowly what you are eating and take small bites , this will fool the brain.

Eliminate, if possible, all the tempting foods in your cupboard and in your fridge, having them there at hand only attracts you to them.

Boredom is certainly your first enemy: keep your mind and body busy so as not to experience boredom moments, dedicated to your passions or why not, discover some different ones, focus on positive changes, even if small.

If you really have to respond to the need to consume something, prepare some greedy but light and healthy snacks:

Give yourself a whim with your favorite food every now and then, will allow you to fully satisfy yourself and not seek it as soon as you have a moment of stress or sadness.

Negative emotions are normal and are part of each of us, being aware of them and accepting them is the first step to start dealing with them in the most correct way, you take control !