5 Falsi miti: l'ananas fa dimagrire? Ecosalute

5 Myths: Does pineapple make you lose weight?

When you want to lose weight , you look for the fastest and painless remedy possible, often relying on food beliefs, which are increasingly fashionable.

Are there really any foods that can help the weight loss process?

There are certainly foods that are low in calories and have a high satiating power , they are those foods rich in fiber that promote digestion and intestinal emptying .

False myths about foods

1. Pineapple makes you lose weight

Although pineapple is rich in water (about 80%) and vitamins, it does not affect the adipose tissue in any way. The good news, however, is that it has a remarkable draining effect thanks to the action of Bromelain , useful for promoting microcirculation and digestion , as well as for reducing inflammatory states, so pineapple does not actually make you lose weight but it certainly goes to favor the elimination of excess fluids, deflating the most sensitive areas.

2. Gluten Free foods are more digestible

There are more and more consumers who, although not celiacs, are approaching the Gluten Free world with the idea of ​​consuming healthier and more digestible foods. The truth is that these products are often added with fat, which only adds more calories to the food.

Furthermore, eliminating carbohydrates because they are rich in gluten (in cases where celiac disease is not diagnosed) would mean depriving yourself of the main source of complex carbohydrates , vitamins , fibers and proteins contained in them.

3. Light foods make you lose weight

No. These foods have less sugar but are very often high in fat , it would be a good habit to read the labels carefully so as not to fall into error.

4. Eating carbohydrates in the evening is bad

Carbohydrates are a fundamental pillar of the Mediterranean diet, consuming them in the evening does not hurt, the important thing is the quantity and the total daily calories, in themselves, no food makes you fat, the quantities always affect.

Certainly you can take some precautions such as, for example, limit condiments rich in fat, difficult to digest.

5. Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar

Brown sugar and white (refined) sugar contain the same molecule, namely sucrose. What differentiates them is the refining process that takes place for white sugar, which involves the elimination of molasses , which is a mixture of fibers and vitamins that characterize cane sugar.

These components, however, are in such low quantities that they do not bring any benefit to the body, in fact from a chemical and nutritional point of view there is no difference.

Have you ever tried replacing sugar with erythritol?

Compared to sucrose, in fact, it has a lower caloric intake, and avoids glycemic peaks, therefore it is suitable for those suffering from diabetes.

Erythritol is a natural sugar found in fermented fruit and grains . Extremely useful for those who have difficulty in metabolizing carbohydrates , thanks to the glycemic index equal to zero, it provides only 0.2 Kcal per gram.

Try it now!