Preparing for sun exposure is not only a good habit but also represents an excellent prevention for the skin .

Let's start with the basics

Photoprotection starts right from the table!

Yes, to protect the skin and delay skin aging it is preferable to consume foods rich in Vitamin E , Betacarotene and lycopene.

A trio of antioxidants that promote skin protection by simultaneously stimulating the synthesis of collagen .

Vitamin E , also called tocopherol, is found in nuts , seeds and vegetables and is a real shield against free radicals .

Betacarotene , on the other hand, is the precursor of Vitamin A useful for preventing the formation of free radicals and for its reparative role towards epithelial cells. Orange-yellow fruits and vegetables (e.g. peppers, carrots, apricots, melon) are rich in beta-carotene .

Small tip: being fat- soluble it is advisable to season the vegetables with a drizzle of olive oil to improve and promote their absorption.

Lycopene , on the other hand, is an antioxidant contained within ripe tomatoes, in addition to reducing the possibility of damage from U V rays , it also limits the formation of erythema after sun exposure .

Protection from the inside

The protection of the skin from the outside is essential but equally essential is the protection from the inside .

This is because a small percentage of ultraviolet rays pass through the skin barriers and even if in small quantities, they can cause multiple damage to the dermis such as keratosis .

The skin, in fact, when exposed to the sun undergoes skin aging , to prevent this the key word is: ANTIOXIDANTS .

The Golden & Protected Skin package was created with the aim of facilitating the tanning process in terms of duration and homogeneity of the tan , protecting the skin from the formation of free radicals.

The synergy of Vitamin A , Vitamin E , Betacarotene , Selenium and Copper will make the skin uniform and luminous more than ever!

Which are the ingredients:

  • Betacarotene : precursor of Vitamin A , known for skin protection thanks to its antioxidant and reparative role of epithelial cells.
  • Vitamin E and Selenium : real shields against the formation of free radicals .


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