DEPURAZIONE post feste: iniziamo da qui Ecosalute


The excuse "so much is a party" at the twentieth chocolate of the day is no longer valid, unfortunately those are over.

The time has come to take back old habits and, why not, create new ones.

To start the year in the best way, a good place to start is to purge yourself of toxins.

What are toxins?

Toxins = dirt.

Toxins are substances that can come from many sources:

  • food
  • stress
  • medications
  • pollution
  • smoking and alcohol

Over time they accumulate and, even if the body eliminates them autonomously, there are times when it is overloaded and the disposal processes slow down.

The body gives us clear signals to tell us that it is at the limit of its capabilities: persistent headache , weakness , fatigue , dark circles , vomiting and diarrhea are clear SOS signals

So how to clean up?

Fruits and vegetables

And you will say "Captain Obvious", but that's it. Vegetables , especially green leafy ones, purify the blood . So a big yes to salad, lettuce, cabbage but also spinach, rocket and cabbage.

If you don't like them, you can use them to make excellent juices to be enjoyed even by the little ones.

Water, water and more water

Hydration is essential, you too know at least 2 liters a day! For an even more effective action, you can opt for a glass of warm water in the morning together with lemon and ginger juice for the bravest.

Supplement your diet with legumes

Lentils , peas, chickpeas or beans, choose the one you prefer. Being rich in fiber , they promote and improve digestion, purifying the body

Rest the right hours

The body needs rest to regenerate , choose a dark and silent place and try to free your mind, you have time tomorrow to think about your problems.

Take the stress out

Stress also helps to increase the amount of toxins in the body: smile and relax, life is too short to accumulate toxins.

No alcohol

The toasts are over, so give your liver some respite.

The process of purification takes time and perseverance but it is fundamental.

Toxins, if accumulated in large quantities, lead to more or less serious disorders in the long term, therefore starting a detoxification process is important for present and future well-being, do not delay.