Formula Caisse: pozione di benessere Ecosalute

Caisse formula: well-being potion

We would all like a magic potion that solves every problem: two drops and boom!

Unfortunately it does not exist (if you know it and want to tell me you can write in chat). However, there are ingredients, formulations and properties that are able to satisfy many needs, formula Caisse is part of them.

The Caisse formula is a medicinal compound which, thanks to its ingredients, promotes the physiological functions of the organism , the drainage of body fluids, digestion and the regularity of the intestinal tract .

It is therefore ideal for the well-being of the digestive system , skin , joints and thanks to the elimination of toxins it supports the general health of the organism.

Why is it called that?

Its name derives from its creator, Renè Caisse , a nurse in the onology department of a hospital in Canada. Rummaging through old recipes, Renè found this formulation and decided to perfect it and make it available to his patients.

Formula Caisse was immediately appreciated ( 1930 ) and is still a flagship today.

What does it contain?

  • Burdock: known mainly for its purifying virtues of the organism, which promote the well -being of the skin; facilitates the drainage of body fluids and promotes joint function .
  • Sorrel: like burdock, it is useful for the drainage of body fluids ; acts as a tonic and purifying .
  • Rhubarb: promotes digestive function and regularity of intestinal transit , therefore plays an important role in the elimination of toxins through the faeces.
  • Elm: promotes intestinal regularity by promoting the elimination of waste. Useful for the well-being, hydration and nourishment of the mucous membranes, properties that make it precious for the mouth, stomach, intestines, pharynx.
  • Nettle and Cuscuta: precious because they support the body's physiological purifying functions, promote the drainage of body fluids, digestion, the well-being of the urinary tract, intestinal tract and liver.

Who is it useful for?

Formula Caisse is essential for those who want to purify the body , especially after the use of antibiotics , drugs or an unbalanced diet.

For those seeking joint well -being, thanks to the disposal of toxins and the drainage of body fluids . Also useful for those who want to improve digestion and intestinal function .

The presence of the active ingredients moisturizes and makes the skin brighter , in fact the accumulation of toxins often causes a dull complexion rich in impurities.

You have noticed dark and firm bags and dark circles not to abandon you anymore? Accumulation of toxins can occur in this very form. So avoid spending money on extra-opaque concealers or miracle creams , but focus on an internal detoxification path to solve the problem.

The purification awakens and reactivates the body, making it come back as new, what are you waiting for?