The kidneys are part, together with the intestine, liver, skin and lungs, of the group of excretory organs. The excretory organs help eliminate metabolic waste that is not used by the body. Each excretory organ plays a specific role, the kidneys, in particular, help eliminate excess fluids, counteract the acidity levels of the blood and help eliminate waste substances such as urea.

Chinese medicine defines them as “The lords of the waters” precisely because of their responsibility towards the liquids that inhabit the body: blood, water. Consequently also regulating the blood pressure inside the blood vessels, but not only because they are the holders of the vital energy we have.

In order for this role to be fulfilled, the organ in question must be healthy. This is why it is very useful to carry out their purification at least once a year to consequently increase vital energies.

In fact, an alteration of their activity could lead to the appearance of various disorders such as kidney stones and kidney stones and even chronic fatigue.

Lifestyle is the basis for proper kidney function. For example, following a healthy diet rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables, limiting foods rich in animal fats and proteins, salt, sugar and even the consumption of some types of drugs, which increase the acidity of the blood and make the task of kidneys more difficult, fatiguing them and intoxicating them.


Of course, the most effective purification is obtained simply by taking water. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day allows a greater functionality of the kidney in carrying out the purifying function.

The kidney purifier also helps, a medicinal compound that includes Goldenrod, Birch, Pilosella, Burdock, Bearberry, Cherry, Beech and Poplar.

Goldenrod, Burdock and Bearberry support kidney activity.

Birch, Pilosella, Cherry, Beech and Poplar help to purify the body and expel toxins through diuresis .

The goldenrod has diuretic properties, purifying antioxidants of the urinary tract. Useful in case of cellulite blemishes and to prevent kidney disease.

Birch stimulates diuresis and has anti-inflammatory and beneficial properties for the kidneys and the entire urinary system.

Bearberry possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is used as a diuretic and urinary disinfectant. The arbutin contained inside gives the Bearberry the antibacterial property useful in case of urinary tract infections .

Burdock is also used in folk medicine to purify the blood, in this way it helps the kidneys to play their role and at the same time purifies the whole organism.

Pilosella has beneficial diuretic, astringent and antiseptic properties. In herbal medicine it is widely used to promote the drainage of body fluids and counteract water retention .

The medicinal properties of the Cherry are already known to Galen. They drain, counteracting water retention and thin the fat deposits avoiding the formation of new cellulite . Furthermore, the content of mucilage, tannins, and phenols make the plant an effective diuretic and anti-inflammatory remedy for the urinary tract.

The Beech bud extract can be used for all renal inflammatory states , such as nephritis and stones. Relieves all states of kidney fatigue.

Black poplar and its buds have diuretic and tonic properties.