The Goldenrod or Solidago virgaurea is a plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. The name virgaurea derives from the spike of the flower which ends in a golden yellow color; from the Latin: solidago which means to make solid, intact, indicates the “vulnerary”, healing properties of the phytocomplex.

It is a very present plant in Italy and especially in Northern Italy, in the plains and in the hills.

The currently accepted scientific binomial (Solidago Virgaurea) was proposed by Carl von Linné, in 1753, a well-known naturalist.


The main beneficial properties of the Goldenrod are:

Useful as a natural remedy for water retention , in case of cellulite blemishes, to act on urinary tract infections, in case of inflammatory rheumatism and for the prevention of gravel.


It is possible to obtain 2 extracts from the plant: Herbal tea and mother tincture.

Herbal tea

It is obtained from the flowering tops of freshly harvested goldenrod which must be dried in dryers or ovens at a temperature of about 40 ° C. The herbal tea is prepared by boiling 100 ml of water which is then cooled and placed inside about 3 grams of flowered tops. It is recommended to take 2 to 3 cups a day away from meals, after filtering it.


It is prepared from the fresh flowered tops, then macerated in a mixture of water and alcohol at an alcoholic strength of 55 °. Useful for the physiological functionality of the urinary tract . In the mother tincture, unlike the infusion, it contains all the active ingredients belonging to the phytocomplex and for this reason it has all the properties: it is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory, useful in case of urinary infections and inflammations, uric stones, prostatic hypertrophy, enteritis and enterocolitis .


The flowers contain an abundance of nectar and for this it is possible to extract an excellent honey. Solidago honey is produced mainly in summer in the areas adjacent to the rivers of the Po valley.

It is a delicate and non-persistent honey. It is a honey that crystallizes in a compact way with medium grains, to be associated with fresh cheeses.

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