Hair is the frame of every face: whether they are curly , wavy or straight like spaghetti, each hair is like a thread to be treated and treated, both from the inside and from the outside .

The enemies of the hair

Every day and every night, hair is subject to numerous factors that can affect and undermine their well-being.

An unbalanced diet , hormonal changes , stress , sweat , straighteners and the use of aggressive products have a strong impact, the hair becomes dry , brittle and dull .

Even the change of season , such as spring and autumn , are bitter enemies of the foliage .

Beautiful inside

To have a healthy and shiny hair it is essential to take care of it from the inside, to allow it to shine with its own light . For some years the world of hair beauty has opted for Methylsulfonylmethane , which is the natural form of organic sulfur , extremely useful for hair and nails .

This is because skin , nails and hair are composed of keratin , which is a sulfur -based compound, which is why Methylsulfonylmethane is useful to irrubostir them and to make new ones grow. ( Read the remedy for hair loss )

The couple that breaks out

Hair must be pampered and listened to: there are those who do not take particular care of them but find a voluminous and shiny hair, there are those who spend good money and every day seems to be worse.

The truth is that for their well -being, it is essential to find a balance dressed on the type of hair : a mix of hydration , nourishment and gestures .

Let's start with the basics: shampoo !

Don't think about degreasing and attacking your scalp and lengths with harsh chemicals every day. Listen to the needs of your body, pamper your head with delicate ingredients that respect the skin and tips.

The Aloe , inside the Shampoo , soothes the scalp and carries out a moisturizing and emollient action on all lengths, while the Neem Oil balances the pH by removing dirt and germs that can settle on the head.

After wetting the whole head with a little warm water , proceed with a knob of Shampoo and distribute it with circular movements , if you want to dedicate some time you can apply it by performing a scalp massage ( Read how to do it).

Gesture is essential: gentle and delicate movements will allow you to enjoy a moment of relaxation and also benefit the scalp .

NB the Shampoo is a friend of the skin , the Conditioner instead is for the lengths.

The Shampoo is used to degrease the leather , its action on the tips may be too much ... so for the lengths consider only the Conditioner !

Split ends and the so-called straw effect are decisively hated by everyone, to avoid them, in addition to the water temperature which must not be too high, hydration is essential.

Coconut and Argan Oil envelop the hair shaft, hydrating it deeply. For a hydration booster you can use it as a mask : with a spray, wet the lengths and ends with a little water and apply a small amount of product. Wrap your hair in a bath cap or a bit of film and keep it on for about an hour, then precede with the Shampoo .

Hair like silk package

The Hair as Silk Package contains all the essentials for the well-being of the scalp and lengths .

Inside you will find:

Two tablets a day of MSM will allow your hair to regain its strength and brightness.

Indulge in a Shampoo and a moisturizing pamper every time you see dirty and weighted hair, the rumor that washing your hair often ruins it is now out of date. Clean and cleanse your scalp , when you need it!

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