Spring has its own rhythm, with which everyone's biological clock struggles to synchronize .

The so-called spring fatigue it's spreading like wildfire and you feel it apathetic , tired, anxious and nervous.

There spring exploded in all of his beauty : the days get longer, the temperatures rise and nature boasts its colors and best perfumes , everything seems to be perfect, especially for the meteoropathic , but among the allergy and the tiredness ... it is really true that not all that glitters is gold.

However, no one can afford to lag behind in activities because overwhelmed by the arrival of spring, it is therefore essential to implement strategies as soon as possible to avoid compromising physical and intellectual activities.

How can you act?

Fatigue and multivitamins

To combat spring fatigue , choose Plurimo , a supplement that contains the right mix of vitamins and mineral salts to recover energy and face the flower season in the best possible way.

To recharge your batteries, you can also try Spirulina Algae , never heard of it? Spirutonic contains this seaweed rich in proteins and chlorophyll , as well as carotenoids and mineral salts, it is a real tonic.

Mineral salts and sweat

The first heat begins and above all the first sweats , it therefore becomes essential to recover energy, replenish the mineral salts that are lost such as Magnesium & Potassium .

Magnesium B-vitality is also certainly a very good alternative made up of Magnesium and the B vitamins .

Together, they are very useful in cases of apathy , lack of energy and stress .

Gut in balance

The changes of season cause an alteration of the intestinal flora, which results in abdominal swelling, gastrointestinal disorders and dysbiosis .

The integration of Probiotics , or the so-called good bacteria , favor the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms and have a beneficial effect on the body in general. In Flora Vita Plus , in addition to these bacteria, there are also food mixtures defined as prebiotics capable of promoting the proliferation of probiotics by selectively stimulating their growth.

Hair wellness

A quick brush stroke and a handful of hair sticks to the teeth of the comb, it happens to you too, right?

Spring and autumn are bitter enemies of the hair, which becomes brittle and dull.

Taking care of them from the inside and outside is extremely helpful in safeguarding their well -being and preventing them from falling.

Discover the Kit Hair like Silk.

Golden tan

The cheeks begin to be kissed by the sun's rays , the sign of the shirt begins to glimpse and slowly self-esteem also begins to advance in small steps.

Tanning is a beautiful coat that makes us more confident and charming but can become really harmful to the skin.

As for driving, it must be said: tanned consciously !

It uses ingredients that help the skin to brown and maintain the tan over time , protecting it and preserving it from the formation of free radicals .

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Stress , aihmè, is not encountered only during the spring period , it is more a faithful companion, very faithful I would say.

Rhodiola is a real natural stress reliever that acts both mentally and physically, increasing energy and muscle endurance .