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Although man has only recently been committed to safeguarding them, nature and the environment are always generous towards him. In fact, it is thanks to them that it is possible to have useful ingredients to naturally counteract the most annoying disorders, such as those of a joint nature.

Contrary to what one might think, these problems, although they have a greater incidence in people over the age of 50, can occur at all ages.

In people who carry out intense sports or work activities, especially, the joints are more subject to microtrauma and wear that can damage them. This is, for example, the case of arthritis, which many mistakenly confuse with osteoarthritis.

Differences between Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis , or osteoarthritis, is a chronic joint disease characterized by degenerative lesions of the articular cartilage. This type of disorder is generally due to an imbalance between the amount of work required of the joint and its ability to support it. This is why people who are overweight or who have been doing heavy work for a long time are usually more affected. The main symptom is mechanical pain , which relieves or subsides if the joint is kept at rest.

The causes of arthrosis can be many, such as advanced age, overweight, trauma, sports or professional activity and even some chronic diseases.

Arthritis , on the other hand, is an inflammatory disease that is not related to specific factors and can occur in people of all ages. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint stiffness, swelling, redness, heat, and pain that subsides with movement rather than rest.

Which areas of the body are most affected?

As for osteoarthritis, the location depends on both constitutional and environmental factors, so it tends to vary according to sex, age and lifestyle. In general, above the age of 50, the joints of the hands and those subjected to the load of body weight, such as the joints of the spine and knees, are more frequently affected.

Particular lesions, called productive lesions, may form in the sites not subjected to load, which consist in the excessive production of cartilage and its subsequent ossi fi cation, with the consequent formation of growths of bone tissue localized on the articular surface; this is very visible for example at the level of the knuckles .

As for arthritis, on the other hand, all body joints can be involved but generally it develops in the joints of the wrists, hands, ankles and feet in a bilateral way.

The right (and natural) products to fight joint problems

Very important are the control and correction of those risk factors on which it is possible to intervene: overweight , excessive effort of certain joints, metabolic or traumatic conditions.

A valid ally to counter these disorders is the use of natural chondroprotectors and anti-inflammatories, which contribute to the reduction of pain, the preservation of joint functionality and the slowing of damage.

To counteract inflammation and pain , substances such as Boswellia are useful, a plant known for its natural analgesic properties capable of relieving muscular , arthritic and arthritic pains. Fundamental element of the Ayurvedic medicinal tradition, thanks to the presence of four boswellic acids it is able to act effectively upstream of inflammatory processes and for this reason it is often also used in preparations for topical use such as creams, gels and ointments.

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Curcuma , a spice with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, able to keep the joints in good health, can also prove to be a valid ally against the inflammatory process at the base of arthritis . The turmeric present in CurcuMaxima is characterized by a very high bioavailability thanks to the particular processing process and is therefore more effective in supporting the joint function in the best possible way even in the absence of carrier or activating substances, such as black pepper.

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Finally, to counteract pain related to joint problems, the effectiveness of Methylsfulfonylmethane (MSM) or organic sulfur has now been confirmed; it is a substance useful above all to facilitate the expulsion of toxins . This explains its ability to counteract chronic pain , often due to the accumulation of toxic substances in the joints and muscles.

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