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Winter is upon us and nature begins to implement all those strategies that will allow it to wake up, strong and magnificent, in spring. Stiffness, pain and joint problems are disorders that, especially with the onset of the cold season and the lowering of temperatures, can cause considerable discomfort to those who are subject to it. To fight them and feel pervaded with new energy, it is possible to be inspired by nature and start adopting simple tricks.

What causes joint pain?

Pain affecting the osteo-articular system , and in particular in the " junction " areas most subject to movement, may be due to inflammatory processes (for example arthritis) or having an inflammatory component (arthrosis) or trauma or strain excessive in which an excessive load has been exerted on a joint.

It is completely wrong to think that only elderly people can suffer from it: in fact, despite the higher incidence for those over a certain age, there is a certain frequency of joint disorders even among those who are younger, especially for those who carry out an activity sport at a competitive level (in which the joints are subjected to a certain effort and therefore to a greater risk of trauma and inflammation).

5 tricks to prevent and counter it

  • Follow a diet that allows you to introduce all the essential nutrients to the body and in particular those most useful for bones and cartilage such as vitamin D, vitamin K, Omega 3, collagen, calcium, phosphorus and alkaline mineral salts.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle : There is no need to over train or exert too much effort. Indeed, in the case of people with osteoarthritis this can be counterproductive. However, it is sufficient and extremely useful to constantly perform a light physical activity to perceive a benefit, especially to counteract that annoying sensation of stiffness. Disciplines such as swimming, yoga, gentle gymnastics or even a restorative brisk walk can have very positive effects. It only takes a few simple exercises of a few minutes to be done every morning to keep your joints supple.
  • In case of joint swelling and pain associated with inflammation, such as in the case of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, it is possible to resort to natural remedies such as Boswellia , a plant known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

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  • To effectively counteract inflammation perhaps due to trauma, it is possible to find a valid ally in Bromelain , a substance extracted from pineapple and very often used in the preparation of anti-inflammatories thanks to its ability to inhibit the production of cytokines. Useful to counteract the heat and redness localized in the area affected by the trauma.
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  • For those who notice joint discomfort after exercising, the topical application of magnesium may be useful. In fact, if applied to the painful area, it restores tone and elasticity, giving relief to muscles and joints in the recovery phase, after an effort.

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