It is important to understand that alkalization of the body is the premise of health: without having first created a correct acid-base balance, diets risk being ineffective, as well as any intervention aimed at solving a disorder. We have already dealt with the topic of ACIDOSIS , its causes and possible remedies, now let's see what are the advantages of an organism in which the acid-alkaline balance is well balanced:

  • Less propensity to get sick: It is now proven that bacteria and viruses thrive in an acidic environment while they cannot survive in an alkaline one.
  • Intestine: the acid waste that poisons the intestine is less, in this way it is possible a regular intestinal motility and the balance of the bacterial flora.
  • Skin: it follows that even the skin, an important excretory organ (responsible for eliminating waste substances from the body), no longer has to participate in the disposal of toxins, therefore appears more luminous and acne problems are attenuated.
  • Bone: calcium is absorbed adequately, so as to prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
  • More energy and vitality: a body devoid of acid waste does not commit its resources for their disposal, thus increasing strength and mental clarity.
  • Good mood: the result is a general improvement in the quality of life, states of tension are relieved, mood improves and stress decreases.
  • Sleep better: the body and mind find harmony and the night's rest is deeper.
  • Disposal of lipids: fat metabolism works properly and the amount of glucose in the blood is regularly controlled by insulin.

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