The liver is an organ, or rather, a gland attached to the digestive system , essential for carrying out a large number of vital functions for the body.

Among the numerous actions carried out by it include, for example, the production of bile , which is essential for digestion , the regulation of blood coagulation , the mobilization of some amino acids and nitrogenous compounds and finally the purification of the organism from overload of toxins .

It is precisely here that alcohol and drugs are metabolized (so that they can then be easily eliminated through the kidneys ) but, unfortunately, it is also one of the organs where the greatest amount of toxic and polluting substances present in food and drinks introduced.

Furthermore, it must be said, the current Western diet does not always include very healthy foods.

All this burdens the liver, risking in the long run to compromise its functionality.

This is why a medicinal compound like Enhanced Liver Depurative can help.

Based on milk thistle , with a mild purifying and hepatoprotective action, it is a product suitable for purifying the liver while supporting its functionality.

Precious for the well-being of the skin to which it gives hydration, as well as for oxygenation and absorption of nutrients at the cellular level, is the presence of the Fumitory . It is important to remember that the skin is an excretory organ, as it brings toxins and impurities outside the body: for this reason, supporting its functionality during a purifying cycle is essential. It also promotes the well-being and health of the biliary tract, thus facilitating the digestion of lipids.

The addition of Combreto , Elicriso italico and Tiglio help to make the purification process more effective while protecting the hepatocytes.


When to take it?

  • After taking a course of drugs or antibiotics
  • After overdoing fried or fatty foods
  • In case of dermatological problems attributable to liver poisoning
  • In case of digestive difficulties
  • To improve intestinal activity

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