Vanessa Parducci


Naturopath specializing in iridology, Chinese medicine and holistic medicine for dogs.

Qualified as a Naturopath

In 2019 at the Simo School of Holistic Medicine in Milan

At the end of my studies based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, I integrated my knowledge with the specialization in Ophthalmic Microsemeiotics, otherwise known as iridology, and out of passion for animals I also followed a course in Holistic Medicine and nutrition dedicated to dogs.

I make use of numerous naturopathic techniques such as: Auricle therapy, Moxa, Gua Sha, Cupping, Dien Chan, chromopuncture, psycho aroma therapy, psychosomatic phytotherapy, face reading according to Chinese Medicine and much more, all of which contribute to the support of wellness plans dedicated to recovery of correct homeostasis.


- Iridology: what is it? Body and mind, interpreted according to a holistic conception.

- Neem oil : natural pesticide for 4-legged friends.

- Psoriasis : psoriasis according to Chinese medicine.

- Circulation in Chinese medicine : how to promote the drainage of liquids?

- Intestine in Chinese medicine : what is the relationship between emotions, lungs and the intestine?


Studio: Via Marcinelle 18 Montignoso, 54038 (MS)

Telephone: 3315273739