De Matteis Giuseppe

Nutritionist biologist

Professor of Herbalistics, Dermatology, Trichology and Cosmetology at professional schools. He holds courses on military health for the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross. Writer, he has published several works including '' The Nutrition Code '' Alvorada Editions and '' Truths and Lies of Medicine '' Drawup Editions. He writes scientific and journalistic articles on www.primapaginadiyvs, newspaper of the association Riprendiamoci il Pianeta.


Phone: 348 065 06 31


Office: Piazzale Dante Alighieri (Bestat) 31, 74121 Taranto (TA)

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- Stretch marks: the causes and how to prevent stretch marks with the help of the precious advice on specific treatments.

- Swollen legs: the causes and effective remedies to act on swelling and heaviness in the legs.

- Exhaustion: the various properties and benefits of spirulina are illustrated, an excellent ally to combat exhaustion.

- Avocado: the benefits and properties of avocado in nutrition and cosmetics.

- Walnuts: the benefits and properties of walnuts and a recipe to amaze the guests.

- Algae in food: the different types of algae and their benefits.

- Serenoa: the action of serenoa on the prostate.

- Children & vegetables : why it is important to consume them and some tips to convince the little ones to eat fruit and vegetables