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Brittle nails are a condition that manifests itself with alterations in the shape and structure of their surface; they appear brittle , easy to break and chip . It may happen that vertical or horizontal lines are visible and that the layers that make up the nail tend to flake off at these.
Fragility can be transient , as an effect of external and temporary conditions or the use of aggressive chemicals , or persistent because it is linked to pathologies such as hypo and hyperthyroidism.

In the case of a transient frailty it is very often a sign of vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

To strengthen brittle nails it is possible to resort to supplements based on mineral salts such as Magnesium , Zinc , Calcium , Sulfur and vitamins ; in case of weakness due to recent dermatological or fungal ailments , once resolved it is possible to use products based on plant extracts such as Neem Oil , which in addition to having antiseptic properties also has a beneficial action on the skin and skin appendages .


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