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Hyperhidrosis is the term used to describe abnormal and excessive sweating . In these cases, sweating does not occur only when the body has to cool down in response to the increased temperature, such as following an effort for example.

It is a much more frequent condition than one might think, which can affect the whole body or only some parts of it such as armpits, palms of hands and feet, forehead, chest or back.

Sweat can be so excessive and annoying as to make it difficult even to carry out normal and non-exhausting activities; this circumstance does not pose any health threat, but can lead to embarrassment and anxiety for those who suffer from it.

It is classified into two types, based on the causes:

  • Primary hyperhidrosis : in which the cause is not well identified (it is probably due to a genetic factor causing an excessive response of the sweat glands)
  • Secondary hyperhidrosis : due to certain causes such as menopause, pregnancy, anxiety, hyperthyroidism, obesity, certain medications

There are natural substances that can alleviate this disorder: if the cause is known, it is good to try to act on it with suitable products (for example in the case of hyperhidrosis due to menopause), but there are also products that can alleviate the manifestation in a direct way: in this case we are dealing with rock alum- based products, which in addition to having an astringent and deodorant action also have a soothing action , useful for relieving the discomfort caused by always moist skin.

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