Water retention is one condition of the epidermis and the underlying connective tissue due to the stagnation of liquids in these tissues, due to poor microcirculation.

Not very elastic and swollen fabrics, characterized by a not very smooth and compact appearance, indicate a state of water retention. Swollen legs are the first symptom, as water retention occurs primarily on the thighs and hips; in addition to swelling, a feeling of heaviness may also appear. However, water retention can also affect the upper limbs and abdomen.

The causes are usually related to poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle . In the event that cellulite also arises and the microcirculation problem is amplified, other genetic factors may be added (such as the tendency to accumulate adipose tissue or not), hormonal ( excess estrogen that promote fluid retention), drug intake (such as the anti-concomitant pill), stress and nervousness .

There are several solutions to counter this problem; first of all it is advisable to correct the lifestyle, in particular promoting physical activity, especially that carried out in the water.

It is also good to follow a balanced diet , low in sodium and refined or sweet foods and rich in foods that improve circulation. There are also some natural ingredients that favor the elimination of accumulated liquids and the well-being of the microcirculation, such as: Bromelain , Horse Chestnut and Blueberry contained in Healthy Legs .

To counteract retention it is also possible to act from the outside with the Cellulite Blemish Cream based on Avocado , Caffeine and Chilli for a warm effect capable of promoting the drainage of liquids .

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