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An intensive treatment to eliminate cellulite and water retention, thanks to the synergy of active ingredients capable of combating and reducing skin blemishes.

What it contains

1 pack of Avocado oil body scrub: exfoliates the skin, removes dead cells and promotes microcirculation.
1 pack of Cellulite Blemishes Cream: reduces and fights cellulite by promoting microcirculation thanks to the warm effect given by the chilli pepper and caffeine inside
1 pack of Bromelain: the enzymes present in pineapple promote the elimination of excess fluids, reducing water retention.
1 pack of Epsom salts powder: reduce skin blemishes. They can be used for a relaxing bath or for DIY draining bandages.


How to use

Mid-afternoon take 1 to 2 Bromelain tablets
In the evening, apply the Cellulite Blemishes Cream
At least twice a week exfoliate with the Body Scrub
Once a month carry out drainage bandages

to know more

Bende fai da te:

  • 250 gr di Sali di Epsom
  • 1 L di acqua tiepida
  • qualche goccia di olio essenziale

Far scaldare l'acqua e aggiungerci i sali di epsom e qualche goccia di olio essenziale. Mettere in ammollo le bende oppure dei vecchi leggins e lasciarli nella soluzione per circa un'ora.

Applicare le bende e tenere in posa per un'ora e mezza circa.


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