RENI Ecosalute


The kidneys are the main excretory organs of the human body; they are found on the sides of the spine and are held in place by abdominal pressure and a thick connective tissue called the renal fascia.

In addition to the well-known filtering activity, which allows the elimination of foreign, useless or harmful substances , these organs also perform other functions: in fact, they regulate the hydro-saline and acid-base balances in the blood, thus also contributing to pressure regulation.

In case of a slight alteration of renal function, or even just to improve an already satisfactory function, natural remedies can be useful that favor the drainage of body fluids and the well-being of the urinary tract .

Goldenrod , Burdock and Bearberry are known to support the excretory activity of the kidneys: they favor the drainage of body fluids , they enhance diuresis and prevent the formation of stones .


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