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Autumn has arrived, and Ecosalute has created a tailor-made program for you to better enjoy this season of transition and transformation.

In these three months we will focus on purification, immune defenses and stress support, with specially selected products, lifestyle indications and some tasty recipes.

Why buy it?

The purification set will allow you to thoroughly cleanse the liver, intestines and kidneys in order to eliminate toxins (which cause so many annoyances such as swelling, fatigue and heaviness) and restore their functionality. We have also included support for your immune defenses and remedies for the first symptoms of seasonal ailments. You will also find an adaptogenic plant, which will help you cope with the long autumn days, and moisturizing skin care products to protect your skin from the cold. An essential oil to perfume the house and a spice from the Far East to season your dishes with new flavors.

What does it contain?

1st Month - Cleaning

In October, the cleansing program begins with theClark Balanced Mix to act immediately on the intestine. Once finished, you can proceed with the liver purifier and then finish with the kidney purifier . In this month it is already recommended to take the immunostimulant based on Echinacea, Uncaria and Elder ( Echinocaps Immuno ) in alternate cycles of two weeks on-off.

2nd Month - Cleaning & Defense

In the month of November we continue with the purification program until it is finished, and another cycle of Echinacea is done. It is also advisable to start taking Vitamin D in the morning, as it also supports the immune system and cognitive activities . Vitamin C can be taken throughout the day, taking one capsule a day at two separate times to maximize absorption.

3rd Month - Defense & Focus

The immunostimulation program continues, with Echinacea and Vitamins C and D. In case of first cold symptoms , we recommend vapors with a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil , and for burning in the throat two sprays of Echinostilla repeatable several times during the day. Rhodiola will come to your aid with its adaptogenic properties to support you in the last period of the year.

A program to customize

The Ecosalute team is at your side to customize the AUTUMN program for you, we remind you that everyone has their own needs and preferences, so we are available to modulate dosages and timing . Contact us and we will create the tailor-made program for you. 

Tips to follow:

  • Hydration : during purification programs it is essential to drink plenty of water to maximize the effects. In fact, it is not only necessary for cellular functioning but also helps to take away toxins faster.
  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables: Autumn offers us sugary fruit (such as grapes, persimmons, figs) and rich in fiber (chestnuts and dried fruit). These fruits are also much more caloric than the summer ones (Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to survive the Winter), so for those who follow weight control diets we recommend a moderate intake. Also opt for apples and pears to stay in seasonality.
  • Herbal teas: the cold is approaching and how to warm up if not with a nice herbal tea? Mallow, lemon balm, fennel, dandelion support the purification process. Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, licorice improve circulation and the sense of heat from within.
  • Fibers: they are essential for intestinal function. Choose whole grains, but also barley, spelled, quinoa and amaranth. Legume soups such as chickpeas, beans and lentils are great for autumn evenings and are very filling.