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The well-being of the skin and hair is influenced by several factors, including: diet, lifestyle and periods of high stress .

A balanced diet allows you to have all the vitamins and mineral salts necessary for their well-being, but sometimes they are not enough and it becomes essential to integrate the right active ingredients.

For healthy skin and hair you need the right amount of Zinc , Copper and Antioxidants, and above all it is possible to act at 360 ° both internally and externally.

Skin: the skin must be protected and protected from external and internal agents. The intake of Vitamin C , Vitamin A and Vitamin E prevents skin aging by slowing the appearance of wrinkles , spots and skin dryness .

To form a filter against atmospheric agents , smog or sudden changes in temperature , hydration is essential, even better if it occurs thanks to natural and delicate activities such as pomegranate.

Hair: Hair is heavily influenced by our mental state. If you realize that your hair is duller and more frayed and you are experiencing a particularly stressful moment, you can rely on Rhodiola .

To strengthen the structure of the hair, the integration of Sulfur and Zinc can really make a difference.

Even the skin has its needs! In cases of oily skin with dandruff and itching, the Aloe inside the Shampoo will soothe and restore its balance. For frizzy tips, however, the Coconut , Argan and Almond Oil inside the Conditioner will pamper and tame your hair all day long.

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