HYDRA H24 package

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For protection during the day and a hydration booster during the night.

The Hydra H24 Package contains:

- 1 Pomegranate Moisturizing Face Cream

-1 Pomegranate Antiage Face Cream

For the day:

During the day, the skin is subject to various sources of stress such as temperature changes and atmospheric agents , as well as smog and dust . The Moisturizing Face Cream creates a protective film capable of protecting the skin, hydrating it .

For the night:

During the night , however, the cutaneous barriers of the skin decrease and cell renewal takes place precisely in these hours. The skin therefore becomes much more receptive to the active ingredients that are applied to it. The Pomegranate Anti-Aging Cream , thanks to the presence of Hyaluronic Acid , nourishes the skin up to the deepest layers, plumping it and minimizing the signs of expression and aging.