Nasal congestion is also called nasal obstruction or, more commonly, "stuffy nose" , and is a very frequent disorder , especially in the winter season, which affects the upper respiratory tract .

It is due to the presence of large veins in the nasal mucosa ; in case of infections or allergies, inflammation of the mucosa is established which leads to the dilation of these veins (called venous sinuses), which can also obstruct the small nasal cavities, preventing the normal flow of air and therefore making it more difficult breathing.

In these cases, the venous sinuses can contract and dilate cyclically, even several times a day, and this explains why the sensation of nasal congestion can vary throughout the day and affect even one nostril at a time. Sometimes nasal congestion can be associated with the accumulation of mucus inside the nasal cavities, due to a protective mechanism implemented by the body that increases its production in order to trap dust , microorganisms and external agents.

Natural products containing herbs with balsamic action can be useful, to be applied locally or to be used for fumigations , able to relieve the upper respiratory tract.