The swelling is due to a slowing of circulation and an accumulation of fluids. It can be considered "mild" when it does not deform the limbs and especially when it is not constantly present, but occurs only in some situations (in the hottest periods , after a day standing or sitting still, with unsuitable clothes or shoes ).

In addition to swelling, there may be unpleasant sensations ( itching, tingling, heaviness ) or evident superficial capillaries ; in this last case this is due to a fragility of the capillary walls and, in addition to having consequences from an aesthetic point of view, it also has consequences from a health point of view.

However, there are natural remedies that can be useful and relieve these annoying sensations, for example vegetable extracts of fruits such as Blueberry , known for its beneficial action on the microcirculation, some minerals such as Magnesium and Amino acids such as Citrulline , Arginine and Taurine ; these in fact have positive effects on the cardiovascular system and at the same time carry out an antioxidant action useful for preventing capillary fragility .