The accumulation of heavy metals in the human body is more frequent than one thinks; every day we normally end up taking in small amounts of cadmium, arsenic, mercury and asbestos through fruit, vegetables, fish, shellfish and even water and air .

This is mainly due to environmental pollution and the tendency to bioaccumulate heavy metals; in fact, they can deposit in the biological tissues of the host, and the consequences are noticeable only after many and many years, when the excessive quantity of accumulated metals begins to manifest itself in various forms.

Symptoms are usually nonspecific and may include: onset of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, general and widespread fatigue, headache and metallic taste in the mouth .

However, it is possible to purify the body by expelling these toxic molecules , through the intake of natural substances with chelating properties (that is to bind to heavy metals and facilitate their expulsion, since these substances are not absorbed).

Chelation has a detoxifying effect on the whole organism, with benefits both on a mental level (it has a positive influence on the nervous system as well) and on a physical level; it also forms the basis for a functional and efficient immune system , not hindered by any accumulation of toxic waste inside the body.


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